Today's The Day

from by Joe Covenant

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This is a song written by Inverse T. Clown.
(No website, so can't pimp him!)

This song has been covered many times by many of the Song Fu-TMA-New Fad In Here participants.

Who Knows!

Its a good song, its fun and lends itself to many differing interpretations.

Mine... Well, I went Celtic-y... Surprise huh!?
;' )



Today's The Day
Inverse Clown

I had a dream last night,
in which everything wrong in my life went right
and much to my surprise,
it was a quick transition.

It played out so vividly
that's it's hard to describe what it did to me.
Suffice to say I took it
as a premonition.

Today's the day I get a move on.
Today's the day I change.
Today's the day that I improve on
who I am and everything I do:

Today's the day that I break up with you!

Just stop and think about
all the times I gave in so that we'd work out.
If you look at the score,
I think I tip the balance.

But you prob'ly think that's great,
'Cause you take and you drain and manipulate.
I guess every succubus
is gonna have those talents.

Today's the day that I get angry!
Today's the day I fight!
Today's the day that I harangue
the telling-off that's way past overdue:

Today's the day that I break up with you!

Don't look at me like that,
with your cute pouting lips
and your big, sad eyes!

You're pretty,
but you're pretty much a bitch!

It's time for you to see,
that the world is the world universally
and nowhere does it say
that you can run my planet!

So you take our history
and your need for control and co-misery
and brace yourself real good,
then go ahead and cram it!

Today's the day that I'm the victor!
Today's the day I win!
Today's the day I do your sister!
Here's a toast to starting life anew:

Today's the day that I wake up,
it's time to say I've had enough,
today's the day that I break up with you!


from Working Title, released January 1, 2001
Joe 'Covenant' Lamb: All voices and Bodhrán

Written by Inverse T.Clown
This arrangement by Joe 'Covenant' Lamb

©2009 Inverse T. Clown



all rights reserved


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